What Is Summer Mummers?

ErikAsk anyone who has been in the audience, onstage, or who has volunteered in any capacity and they are generally washed over by a wave of confusion as they attempt to come up with the appropriate (or inappropriate) words to explain the phenomenon that is Summer Mummers. That said we will do our best to explain it here.

Summer Mummers has served as the main fundraiser for Midland Community Theatre for nearly 70 years. The summer long event begins performances early June and ends the final weekend of August. The performance itself includes a classic melodrama in which the audience is encouraged to throw popcorn and “boo” every time the villain appears on stage. This portion of the show is broken down into three acts and includes “moviolas” (film shorts of the cast and local celebrities at various locations around Midland that help move the stories plot). After the melodrama is complete the Olio begins. The Olio is basically an hour long variety show featuring dancers, comedy sketches, lip sync routines, and of course, a card girl (va va va voom).

Summer Mummers has become a Midland tradition, a right-of-passage, and a one-of-a-kind event that draws attendants from not only nearby communities but also guests from other states and other countries. In the end, the best way to know what Summer Mummers is, is not through explanation but rather experience.  Join us this summer either in-the-house or behind-the-scenes and truly learn what we mean by

“It can’t be explained…it must be experienced!”

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