The 70th Season of Summer Mummers

Diabolical Deeds on the Diamond or Wait – was that a squirrel in the infield? Our heroine, Nell Woods, is back in town with her best friend, Jenn U Wine, to help save her father’s baseball team with an elaborate social media marketing plan. What she doesn’t know, is the devious Boris Mogul has plans of his own for the Mud Dogs! However, he didn’t count on the team’s new pitcher, Rocky Rhodes along with his best pal, Bull J. Winkle, who are here to lead the Mud Dogs into the playoffs! Determined to win, Boris enlists the help of Gemma Peel, the sultry proprietor of a local sports bar along with her dimwitted bar girls to carry out his evil plot! (What plot?) Can our heroine really save her father’s baseball team? Will Boris carry out his evil plan? Will the Ball Boys start a new boy band? Will the bar girls ever get smarter? Or will it be up to our Hero to win the game and save the day? Stay tuned for the next episode of Diabolical Deeds on the Diamond…or Wait – was that a squirrel in the infield? Co-Produced by Kent Kwik